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Hello friends, once again welcome all of you to our new blog. And in today’s blog, we have brought for all of you, a very wonderful, Top 10 Ullu Web series, which is the most popular web series. About which we will discuss, which you can watch directly from ULLU.

In this list, I have added only Ullu’s better web series which will give you complete fun. So let us know which web series are there.

Disclaimer – It is a kind request to all the brothers and if you are less than 18 years of age then please keep distance from the web series.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series On all time

10- Rain Basera

Deepa and her husband are petty criminals, who make a living by robbing their village and selling contraband. Deepa’s life takes a significant turn when she meets Rohan, a young man from the urban area, who unknowingly gets involved with the couple in wrongdoings. As they collaborate, an unexpected emotional bond begins to form between Rohan and Deepa. The story stars Deepa as Bharti Jha and Urmi as Hiral Radia.

9- Dream Girl

Ullu web series

The story of “Dream Girl 2” revolves around a girl who fulfills people’s dreams, but has complications in her own life. Her journey reflects an interesting tale of love, society and relationships as she moves towards her destination.

8- Gift

“Tohfa” is a web series. It is the story of a girl living in a small town, named Poonam. Poonam’s life changes when her mysterious childhood friend returns and strange things happen to her. It explores the depths of love, betrayal, and secrets that turn Poonam’s life upside down.

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“Sisikiyan” follows a married couple, Ravi and Riya, who face problems in their relationship. Riya is a self-centered and ambitious woman striving to fulfill her dreams, while Ravi is a married man who is busy with his work.

Their relationship grows distant when Riya messages Ravi for his understanding and support. Due to this, the distance between them increases and communication starts between them. Delving into the depths of the situation, Riya finds new ways to turn her life around, while Ravi tries to save his relationship.

“Sisikiyan” is a mentally and physically rich story with an emphasis on relationships, understanding, and trust. The series provides a deep thought and understanding to the viewers, and reflects the changing relationships over time.

6- Love Guru Season 3

“Love Guru” Season 3 is an Ullu web series which is based on love stories and depicts love, passion and complexities. In this season, Love Guru, a renowned relationship expert, understands his clients’ love life problems and helps them solve them.

The story begins when a young couple, Rohan and Rhea, find themselves in trouble in their love when their family comes in between them. Love Guru helps them work on the distance between them and motivates them to stay together.

Then, in another story, Aryan, a successful businessman, neglects his personal life despite his busy career. His life takes a twist when his old love, Natasha, re-enters his life. Love Guru helps them to understand and understand each other.

In this season, each story explores different moods and depths of relationships, and the Love Guru helps everyone find solutions to their problems to remain happy in their love lives.

5- Gaon ki Garmi Season 4

The story of “Gaon Ki Garmi” Season 4 shows the painful tale of life in a small village. In this season, a new family arrives in the village, coming back from the city to fulfill their dreams. The family members struggle with the conflicts between their dreams and hopes, while also having to deal with the traditions and values of their village. It focuses on love, conflict, and social issues that can impact village life even after a period of time. “Village Summer” Season 4 sees how this family tries to achieve their dreams, while facing pressure from society and family.

4- Andar Ki Baat

“Andar Ki Baat” focuses on a social issue focusing on the status of women, their freedom and their rights. The story begins in a small town where a social reformer woman fights for her rights. Showcasing his struggle and battle, the series raises many mysteries and social issues. It also has some bold and intense scenes which often give rise to controversy, but their purpose is to make the society aware. The characters of “Andar Ki Baat” fight their reality and the stories of the society, and force the audience to think at every turn of the story.

3- Look and look

“Dekhi Andekhi” comes with an interesting story. The story connects the lives of different people who become entangled in interconnected events. There are hidden secrets, lies and unexpected twists that make it scary and interesting. In every episode new secrets are revealed and the hidden story behind every character is revealed. An unknown environment is created in which trusting anyone is like playing with danger. Every day new and unique puzzles of life come to light, seeing which your attention stops on this series. “Dekhi Andekhi” takes its viewers on a romantic journey, where every corner is full of secrets and every moment brings new suspense.


If seen, all Ullu’s web series are quite romantic and quite funny, if you have not seen this web series yet, then definitely watch it once, the web series has become quite funny. If you want to see it, go to Ullu’s site and see it.

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